Four Weeks

The puppies have their tiny new teeth buds in, which means that today they begin the transition from nursing/formula to formula soaked kibble. Lucy still nurses several times a day, but she will begin to less and less as the teeth get bigger and sharper. They are also now spending a little bit of time in the outside kennel daily, which they seem to enjoy. Like any good dog, they spend all their time looking longingly out of their fence. The grass is always greener…

Click the first picture and scroll through for captions.


3 weeks old

The puppies are doing great! We just transitioned from blankets/puppy pads in the box to shavings, so that’s what the flecks of brown are on the puppies. Their eyes are open, and they play and wrestle with each other, and growl and bark, and are generally just cute! They will start getting a little bowl of formula next week and then transition from that to puppy mush as Lucy will start the weaning process.

When we took their pictures they were all super sleepy, so first, the yawning slideshow:

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Puppy 1. White collar. Female.ย SOLD


Puppy 2. Pink Collar. Female.


Puppy 3. Red Collar. Female. (note: this used to be puppy 10, when one day a couple of weeks ago I picked him up and realized he was a her…um, I thought by now I was pretty good at telling boys and girls apart. So now she and pink collar girl really are identical. So I am putting her with the other girls.)


Puppy 4. Purple Collar. Female.


Puppy 5. Yellow Collar. Male.ย SOLDย (note: this was awake as we could get him, hahaha)


Puppy 6. Orange Collar. Male.


Puppy 7. Brown Collar. Male.


Puppy 8. Blue Collar. Male.


Puppy 9. Black Collar. Male. (note: this puppy is absolutely huge)


Puppy 10. Green collar. Male.






And on Tuesday we had Esther! She and I are both healthy and doing great. She was 9lb 6oz, and 21.5in long. I feel like I give birth to toddlers.



One week old and thriving

UPDATE: I am now one day overdue for my baby, so I could go into labor anytime in the next week. If I don’t respond quickly to your inquires about our puppies, that is why. I will get back to you within a few days! They will be two weeks old tomorrow and eyes are just opening. Updated pictures soon. God bless! – Laurel and the Schroeder Family

The puppies are all doing amazing, and Lucy is one again proving to be a super mom! She keeps the box pristine, and feeds them all around the clock. She also gets fed around the clock, which she is pretty happy about. ๐Ÿ™‚ She doesn’t even seem tired. I am going to have to take notes from her.

I will mark which puppies are either sold or sale pending (which means give it two days and I will know for sure). If the puppy isn’t marked with either then it is still available. Good luck choosing! They are all amazing. I have them in the same order as last post descriptions, only now they have nifty colored collars so they are super easy to tell apart.

Puppy 1. Female (white)ย SOLD


Puppy 2. Female (pink)



Puppy 3. Female (purple)


Puppy 4. Male (yellow)ย SOLDย 


Puppy 5. Male. (orange)


Puppy 6. Male (brown) not sure why I only have one pic of him…he and orange are very very similar ๐Ÿ™‚


Puppy 7. Male (blue)



Puppy 8. Male (black) he is huge!


Puppy 9. Male (green)


Puppy 10. Female (red) This puppy and the pink collar puppy are almost absolutely identical down to the 1/4 tail length and amount of curl.


Lucy watched me very closely while I took pictures of her puppies.


The whole litter enjoying their heat lamp on this 80 degree day….



Day Four

We have reached the magical day four, where, if there were any developmental problems that were incompatible with life, they would have already shown up. And all ten are healthy and well and growing! What a blessing!ย  I am so pleased with the litter’s growth and their full round bellies. And Lucy is full of energy, being an awesome mom, and loves to fetch and run and play with us when she is not nursing her puppies or eating massive amounts of food and eggs from the obliging chickens. ๐Ÿ™‚

I took some pictures of them all in a huddle, I will need an extra set of adult hands to do individual pictures, so that will have to wait for Josh. I also have ordered some soft cloth colored bands so that we can tell them apart. Usually by now I can just look and know who is who…but with so many males, five white puppies, and then the three black who are almost identically marked with a chest patch and little beard (just like the black ones in the last litter) I have to pick them up and examine who is who. Colored bands will help us all to figure out who is who in pictures. They should be here in a couple of days. So first, pictures, and then I will give descriptions of all the puppies. Once we have individual pictures up I will begin to contact those on the waitย  list, and send you contracts.

The colors are pretty much the same as our last litter, so be thinking about what you like best, and look at some past pictures in the last few posts. They all end up being SO cute. Good luck deciding. ๐Ÿ™‚


The whole litter


I think this is puppy 8 (male)


I think this is puppy 6 (male)


This lounging pup is puppy 9 (male)


I think this is puppy 2 (female)


Merle on the right is puppy 4 (male) and black puppy on left might be puppy 3 (female)


Puppy 9 cracks me up, he looks like he is smiling, and the leg straight back, ha!


the puppy in the middle is puppy 7 (male) and he is our smallest, but he is doing great, nursing, growing, and content, so I am thrilled ๐Ÿ™‚


The little merle face peaking out is puppy 1 (female)

Here are descriptions of each, and I will assign colors/names etc to them once the bands come in the mail. 2 day shipping, yay Prime!


  1. Blue merle, full tail, darker on right front leg. Light spotted face. White chest patch.
  2. White- very chunky. Curly coat. 1/2 tail.
  3. Black, full tail. Curly coat. White chest patch/beard/chin. White tipped back paws. Chunky.


4. Blue merle. Bob tail. White chest patch. Darker left side of face. Even merle all over.

5. Black. Curly coat. full tail. White tipped back feet. Chest patch and beard.

6. Black. Slicker coat. White chest patch, beard, tipped toes.

7. White. Smallest puppy. Full tail. Less curly.ย  Slightly peach.

8. White. Big ole chunk. Full tail. Curly coat.

9. White. Smallish. Full tail. Wavy slick coat.

10. White. Half tail. Super curly. Chunky.


We have a new record. We have ten puppies! I was pretty surprised. I went to gently encourage Lucy to get a drink and go potty outside when she stood up, had a single contraction and had her tenth and final puppy! Wow. Go Lucy. Soon after she was happy to drink and eat a lot of food. She deserved every bite. So we have five white, one is a female, 3 black, one is a female, and two blue merle, one is a female. 3 females and 7 males! And I was thinking a litter of 6 would be wonderful. We will call the ten the four-extra-blessings-litter.

Here is a sneak peak, Lucy was out for just a minute so I snapped this. I will take individual pictures and better pictures Wednesday or Thursday when we are over the critical fragile four days. They are all nursing great. They seem healthy, We only have one small guy, so I will be keeping an eye on his development, but he has gained weight so that is a very good sign. Our hope is that he is just small, and this week will tell us.


We have puppies!

Lucy, in all her kindness and graciousness waited for us to be up and drinking the first cup of coffee before she went into labor. If only she knew how happy that made me! ๐Ÿ™‚ Night time deliveries are not my favorite.

She had the first at 7:40, and has had 9 puppies, and it is 11:40 now. She went FAST. I think she is done, but she hasn’t left the box yet or gotten a drink, so I suppose she could still have one. She is not in the mood to be palpated (or touched or pet for that matter), so I will wait til she is settled to make sure she is empty. No sense stressing her. She is resting easy right now and the puppies are nursing.

Colors are 2 blue merle, 3 black, 4 white/apricot. 3 females, 6 males. I will post a litter picture sometime when Lucy is settled and we clean up. Maybe tomorrow. I will wait til day four to do individual pictures as these first four days are extremely fragile, and if there are any issues, they will show up between now and then.

What a blessing! Good work Lucy! She is such a great mom!

New Whelping Box (yay!) and some pups.

Hello! Lucy has not had her puppies yet, but I am guessing she won’t go past Thursday. Guessing. I could be wrong. I took her out for a nice waddle with me yesterday and took a picture of her in all her pregnant glory. We were quite the pair. We had a nice time. Seems like I had my finger over the lens.


I have also received a couple of pictures and nice notes from some more people. This first one is Sandy, who we called “Olaf” in the last litter. He is doing well, and was already 36 pounds at his 6 month check up! Isn’t he cute?


And This is Harry from Jane’s litter who moved with us from Idaho. He is a handsome fellow! Love his coloring!


And last but not least, Josh made a new whelping box and it is AWESOME!!! Seriously, you can’t buy anything this nice. ๐Ÿ™‚ So I made a video of it to show off his handy work. But first a few pictures of the process, and Annie and Sarah pretending to be puppies.





They do have shoes, by the way, they just don’t wear them much.

And here is the video. Forgive my lack of ability to find words. Pregnant brain!