Past Puppy Pictures

I’ve been asked by a number of people to see pictures of past puppies, so here some are. Also are a few testimonials of people who have gotten puppies from us. Thanks to them for the great pictures also!

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“We love this pup! He is a smart pup and he learns fast!”

“Patron is doing great! He now has all his shots and was neutered a few weeks ago. He is definitely a part of the family! His best friend is my parents miniature schnauzer, Steinway. They play together almost every day. Patron is now over 30 pounds and about twice the size of Steinway. He has been growing like crazy! ”
“We are home safe and sound. Kofi did great! And he settled in at the house pretty quickly, no longer afraid of Murdoch and they even played a little tonight, and, so far, no problem with the crate! Thank you so much for raising him with so much love and taking the time to train some too! He is amazing!”

“Hi Laurel! I was just thinking about you this morning and was planning on sending you pics today. Kofi is amazing!! I am not sure if it is all him or if he is emulating Murdoch a bit but they are absolutely wonderful together. A joy to be with and watch. Murdoch thanks us for his new Mate daily. He has been very easy to train, nearing 100% potty trained. He is very calm which is amazing consider our initial encounter, ha! I took him to work with me the first few weeks and he just hung out with me no problem. He was with me in Oregon the last three weeks and travels well and has been great with kids, adults and other dogs. He pretty much stays by my side, sooooooo fun! Thank you so much, I know his formative weeks with you helped mold him into the wonderful little guy he is! I will send pics in separate attachment and I will send more in the future!”

“Just saying how much we love little Roo, and her feisty personality, and so does everyone else.”
“Just thought I’d check in and let you know “Lloyd” is doing great. He is by far the easiest pup I’ve ever raised, very smart and incredibly sweet. I’ve attached a picture for you guys. Thanks again… He has been awesome.”


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