10 Days Old!

The puppies are sure growing fast. We have 3 available, 2 females, and a male, but they won’t last long. Our price is $1000 firm, but I do happily offer a $200 discount to anyone who will be using their dog as a full-time service/therapy dog. It is such a joy to see a dog bring freedom to someone who is otherwise unable to get out and do things.

As you will see in the pictures, they haven’t changed much yet but in a few days their eyes will start to open and then the change will happen faster than we can document! Once their eyes open they start playing and being more active. I will take a video of that and post it. Can’t wait!

Here are updated photos of these wiggly little guys that we took today. #1, the male, is by far the big boy of the litter. I call him “Loch” because he is a monster. 😉

IMG_6056 IMG_6058 IMG_6060 IMG_6066 IMG_6068 IMG_6069 IMG_6073 IMG_6074 IMG_6076 IMG_6080 IMG_6082 IMG_6084 IMG_6086 IMG_6087 IMG_6091 IMG_6095 IMG_6099 IMG_6100 IMG_6105 IMG_6110 IMG_6112 IMG_6116 IMG_6117


4 thoughts on “10 Days Old!

      1. 1987gourmetgirls

        #9 does have more brown on her face like Janie, I like both 5 and 9, I guess it is their markings, but I am sure when they fluff out all will be perfect. I like the big pic at the top of this post, the JanieAussieDoodles are so cute. Tell Jane congrats on her little puppies.


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