3.5 weeks

The puppies are growing fast. They play hard, eat lots, and then sleep the rest of the time. As you will notice in the pictures, they have started their puppy mash, which is a messy business. They get puppy chow that has been blended with puppy formula to make a nice cream of wheat consistency gruel that they LOVE. They will get more and more of that and less and less of Jane’s milk as she naturally begins the weaning process. As their teeth come in and get stronger they will slowly be switched over to dry food, so that by the time you pick them up they are 100% on puppy chow.

All the puppies have now been reserved!

Here are some updated pictures. Probably the last batch of pictures with us holding them.

Puppy #1- Male “Scout” Going to the Denver area


Puppy #2 – Male “Pascal” Going to the SLC area


Puppy #3 – Male. “Saint Charlie”going to the SLC area. (Sarah, my daughter helping out with pictures)


Puppy #4 – Female, “Sydney” going to Challis ID


Puppy #5 – Female “Phoebe” going to the SLC area


Puppy #6 – Female “Bailey” going to Sheridan WY


Puppy #8 – female “Molly” going to the Twin Falls ID area


Puppy #9 – female “Lucy” staying with us in American Falls



2 thoughts on “3.5 weeks

  1. Sarah P.

    We’ve decided on a name for Male #3…Saint Charlie! So excited to meet him. Thanks for the pictures and videos. Please keep them coming 🙂



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