4.5 Weeks

The puppies will be 5 weeks old on Wednesday. Sure is hard to believe! They are growing very rapidly, eating a ton, and sleeping a lot too. Their play has gotten a little more intense which is really fun to watch. I will try to get another video up sometime in the next week.

They have had their first claw trimming, which they all did very well with. At 6 weeks we will take them all to the vet for checks/immunizations/de-wormer. I have started rewarding calm sitting when I go to pet them in their box. They have picked it up very quickly. Hopefully by the time you pick them up, they will have it down. It sure makes for a nice puppy that sits for attention rather than jumping.

These are the pictures taken today, enjoy!

1. Scout


2. Pascal


3. Saint Charlie


4. Sydney


5. Phoebe


6. Bailey


8. Molly


9. Lucy




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