6 Weeks

The puppies have all had their vet checks and first shots/de-wormer. Now is a great time to call your vet and schedule their second appointment. They should be seen at 9 weeks for their second round, and your vet can then put your puppy on the appropriate schedule for future shots/rabies and spay/neuter. (If you want the dew claws removed, then is a good time. Please see my post on dew claws for more info there.) My vet and all his staff absolutely love the puppies. They are very healthy, and are are averaging around 5 pounds. They grow quickly! I will have their “dog passport” which is basically just a vet record, for you when you come to pick them up. Take it with you to your first appointment. Your vet and you can keep good records that way.

Sorry I haven’t posted pictures sooner this week. It was my daughters 3rd birthday so we had some family come to visit. I was taking more pictures of pie, cookies, and a very excited 3 year old than I was of puppies. πŸ™‚

They puppies have started playing outside on decent days. They LOVE it. We have a dog loving cat that they play with, and plenty of sticks around the yard to carry around and chew on.

  1. Scout- Scout is big, very friendly and outgoing, and easy going. He weighed in a half a pound heavier than his siblings. He loves to play outside on our steps. Sometimes he is a bit confident in his abilities to jump down the steps and ends up tumbling. Doesn’t faze him one bit.


2. Pascal is an observer. He likes to watch things. He is a play instigater with his siblings, and pretty friendly with people, although a bit less outgoing than some. He is a thinker. Although he is not particularly outgoing, he is the dominant one of the male pups. He holds his ground very well.


3. Saint Charlie is terribly hard to get a photo of, because when he is outside of his box he is at your feet, and he doesn’t like to jump on the edge of the box like his siblings. I am really sorry I only got one picture. I will work on getting more. He is somewhat shy inside the house, and very very outgoing outside.He is like me, and loves sunshine! He is not as playful with his siblings (although he does play, just not as hard) but very very happy with human interaction. I think he will be a great people dog.


4. Sydney is the spunky one. She is always full of pep, chases anything that moves and loves loves loves to play with her siblings or us. She is one of the smaller puppies, but by far the spunkiest. She is a ball of fun. Her tail never stops wagging.


5. Phoebe is a laid back sweet heart. She loves being pet. Loves playing outside, but is not super out going. She is very patient and cuddly. She also is an observer.


6. Bailey is our other somewhat shy girl. She also loves playing outside and running around with her siblings. She is cautious but calm and very smart. She watches everything before she jumps in. She is going to an exceptionally loyal dog when she is older. She is the vet tech’s favorite.


8. Molly (on left) is about as outgoing as they come. She is very intelligent, and the first one to try anything. She is energetic and playful, and a ton of fun. She can be hard to get a picture of outside because she is always right at your feet. (sometimes biting your pant leg)

IMG_6598 - CopyIMG_6608

9. Lucy is our sweet girl. She is very fun. She is a very confident puppy, and not shy at all, but also not super outgoing. She likes to observe, but is the first of the shy/observing type to jump in on the action. I’ve just started her on leash work, and she is brilliant (as are all these puppies).


Pascal and Sydney playing with mom.



4 thoughts on “6 Weeks

  1. Scott Jones

    Thanks for these posts. I can’t wait until next spring! I have been sharing your posts with friends here in Loveland and might have a few others interested in puppies from future litters. It would be great for Sozo to have a brother or sister here in Loveland.
    Take care and have a Merry Christmas.


    1. Laurel Post author

      Thank you Scott! I actually got a call from a friend of yours the other day who was hoping we had a puppy still available. That would have been great. πŸ™‚ If anyone you talk to is seriously interested in a puppy from the same litter as Sozo, have them contact me relatively soon. We already have 7 on the waiting list. It is filling faster than I had anticipated.
      Have a wonderful Christmas!



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