Lucy , 12 weeks+

Our sweet Lucy is now over 12 weeks. She is almost ready for her 3rd round of shots. I am sure you all have your puppies on a schedule with your vet. After one more round we will have the 6 month check up that will include rabies. It is also a good time for the spay/neuter procedure.

Here is a video of a typical short training session with her. It was first thing in the morning. We are working on sit, lay down, high fives with each hand/paw, double high fives, and look. When outside we work on recall, and leash work, as well as fetching. I do leash work outside because she is always more relaxed then, and I like a relaxed learner. :-)When she has all these down a little better we will introduce the place command and work on stay. She is so fun and smart.

We were in northern California for the last month, and she enjoyed the above freezing temperatures and no snow. She learned to fetch like a champ, and walk on a leash, and recalls AMAZINGLY. She does pretty well in the heel position, but will need a lot of work to be super consistent. She sits when I stop, walks by my left heel or slightly behind on a loose lead, and is learning the “look” command while walking. She doesn’t yet know the heel position without a leash- but we will be working on that over the next several month. We are also going to have to work on distraction training when in the heel position. All in time. I will try to post a video of lead work when it is not so cold and miserable outside.

We love Lucy. She is a doll. She is GREAT with our kids. She is also a snuggle bug. Here are a few pics. The first is of Jackie, Lucy’s half border collie sister. Lucy got to play with her a lot in California.

“Jackie” Jane’s Border Collie litter from 2 years ago. Brilliant very fun dog. Ceaseless energy. My brother was also visiting in California and so all our dogs got to play together.


Lucy and her partner in crime, my 16 month old daughter Sarah. They are great pals, and Lucy is very very gentle.


The girls, (Annie 3, Sarah 16mo) and their dog.


Hangin out with mom. Jane got rid of her winter coat in CA. Poor thing is a little chilly now.



How are your puppies doing? What are they learning? Are you having trouble with anything specific? I would love to hear from you.


4 thoughts on “Lucy , 12 weeks+

  1. Whitney

    Ah she is SO cute!!! I keep hoping you will do a post with updated photos of the puppies in their homes now! I am so interested to see how all of them look now! Phoebe is doing AMAZING! I have kind of already told you all of this, but I’m going to tell you again! Phoebe knows sit (she basically came that was which means you taught it to her ha), lay down, the beginning fazes of stay, roll over, play dead, leave it, heal (without distractions) on and off leash, “360” (almost), “touch” (where I put two fingers and out and she touches her nose to them in whatever position they are in), and she is just learning to skateboard (yes you heard that right) haha! She is a smart dog so we might as well utilize that. She can do fetch in the house, and also has an AMAZING recall and a lot of confidence because of our confidence building games! Phoebe loves other dogs and has been getting socialized very well in puppy training classes and with friends dogs, and she LOVES people most of all! I’ve also been working with her on crossing her paw, and moving her back legs without moving her front by having her stand on a book. I HIGHLY recommend Kikopup training videos on YouTube for anyone interested in knowing how we are training her. We only use positive reinforcement with Phoebe and she LOVES doing the training games. Phoebe is also doing GREAT at potty training! She has only had one accident in two weeks and it’s because she was too excited about training that it just leaked right out of her while we were doing it ha! She normally waits by the door when she has to go. We just LOVE Phoebe and we are constantly getting compliments on how beautiful her coat is and how smart she seems for her age! We also have decided that we are going to start training Phoebe as a therapy dog since she adores people so much! We have had an incredible experience with her and it has made us love dogs just THAT much more! I’ll make sure to send a video of Phoebe really skateboarding when she gets it. Thanks for giving us such a GREAT dog!


    1. Laurel Post author

      WOW! You are doing amazing things with your pup! That is SO SO cool. I love that you are thinking of heading in the therapy direction with her. What a cool way to bless others with what you have. And she wont fluff loads of fur on to people which will be great. šŸ˜‰

      So you definitely need to send videos! Especially of the skateboarding.

      You have inspired me to work more on fun tricks with Lucy. Usually I am content with a kind obedient dog that is solid on the basics, but now I am like, dang, if Phoebe can do all that Lucy can! haha. So Kikopup vids (and others…), here I come.
      How is she in the cold? I am actually surprised how well Lucy does in the cold. I thought she would be somewhat terrible, but she does great. She will play out in the snow for hours before she wants in.
      Our Border Collie cross 4 month old pup is the best in the cold out of our three dogs by far. I suspect she is part Pyrenees though, which would explain that. Jane is pretty good, but she has blown her winter coat, so she likes to come inside pretty often. Lucy is just as good as Jane in the cold. Pretty good for not having an undercoat. By your pics, Phoebe looks like she has a bit less fluff than Lucy, but it’s hard to really tell. Doodles are fun.

      Thanks a ton for the comment!


  2. Stephanie

    Hi I came across your wordpress while looking for aussiedoodles. Are you a breeder, do you have any for sale or a wait list? And where are you out of?


    1. Laurel Post author

      Hi Stephanie! We are located near American Falls ID. I am a small time breeder. We have one dog that we breed, a pure bred Australian Shepherd, and one Aussiedoodle puppy that if all goes well we plan to breed in a couple of years.
      We don’t currently have anything for sale, but I do have a waiting list going for our Spring 2016 litter. Currently there are 12 on that list, and Jane will not have 12 puppies, but I have found with these lists that about half actually go through with it by the time the puppies arrive, so if you are interested I’d say get on the list soon to have a chance with the next litter. Our puppies are $1000 male or female, and they will all be blue merle. Check out the about page to see the mom, Jane. She is a GREAT dog!
      Let me know what you think. Feel free to email me at I can also give you my phone # if you would like to talk. I am happy to answer any questions.
      If you are not local we are still happy for you to have one of our puppies, but we do not fly puppies unattended as it is just too stressful and a health risk to the puppy. However, if you picked up the puppy and flew with it, we would be 100% fine with that.



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