Due Date!

Here is Jane in her whelping cave, feeling a bit big. She is getting close!


It is due date! May 16th! The day we have been anxiously awaiting. And no puppies yet. Jane is obviously feeling uncomfortable. I can sympathize- I have only 7 weeks to go myself. I have been monitoring her temperature, waiting for the drop that happens about 12 hours before labor. This morning it had dropped to 99.0, which is a good sign. Usually a dogs temp is around 101. Before her last litter she dropped briefly to 97, so I will be watching. Sometimes the temp will drop slightly as it did this morning, and then come back up. So it could be a false alarm. All Jane knows is that when she gets her temperature taken, she also gets a treat, so she is a happy camper. 🙂 She is also more restless and  a little less cheerful than normal this morning. She must be getting close.

Everything is set. We have formula on hand for emergencies, the whelping box is ready, all of our supplies are in place. Now we just wait, and pray for a litter of very healthy happy puppies, and a healthy happy mom.

Lucy likes the whelping cave too. Probably brings back fun childhood memories.



3 thoughts on “Due Date!

  1. Kristi Grant

    Hi Laurel,

    I’m praying for Jane and the rest of your household today. I hope Jane is doing well and that very soon she will be nursing her babies.

    Kristi Grant



    1. Laurel Post author

      Thank you! We sure appreciate it. No puppies yet, and I haven’t checked her temp yet this morning, but she is a little too chipper and playful to be in the first stages of labor…so overdue it is. She went overdue with the last litter as well. In fact she was so far over (4 or 5 days?) that we went and got an ultrasound to make sure everything was alright. It was all fine, and the ultrasound was really interesting. A little peak into the womb :-). It looked like a bunch of fish skeletons with beating hearts. All her litters before that have been early by a few days, so who knows? I am still hoping for today, of course, because patience is hard, as every woman who has ever been overdue with a child knows!




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