They’re Here!

Jane had her first puppy at 12:04 am, and had her last one at 5:30am. They are all healthy, and so is Jane. We are so happy that they are finally here! We have 7 puppies, which is a couple less than we expected, but that is ok.  One female, and the rest are male.

I will post pictures later, when I am not quite so tired, so stay tuned. 🙂

If you are on the waiting list you will also receive an email from me soon. We will now begin the process of confirming that you really do want one, and if you do we will start accepting contracts and down payments on May 27. I like to have a 4 day wait period to ensure that all the puppies have made it past the very fragile first three days, so that I can have complete confidence that your puppy is healthy and well developed. Please be watching your email. If I cannot get a hold of you in the space of 5 days or so, I will move on to the next person on the list. If you don’t email me back I will call/text you also to try to make contact before I move down the list. Feel free to contact me as well in whatever way works best for you.

Those of you past number 7 on the list, have patience. We should know in a week if we have puppies available. The list for our January (probably) 2017 litter is already filling up quickly, and if you want, I can transfer you to that litter if you don’t get one from this one. I wish we could magically provide a puppy for everyone who wants one when they want one.


4 thoughts on “They’re Here!

  1. Whitney

    Brett and I are still watching this blog haha! We can’t wait to see pictures of the new puppies! SO MANY MALES!


  2. Rebecca S Selby

    Congratulations to you, Jane and her new family!!! So happy everything went well. Wishing and hoping for one of your pups in the future 🙂



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