One picture, more later I promise

Here is a picture I snapped of the newborns doing what they do best. Later when my husband is home from work he can hold each puppy so that I can post pictures of all of them. It is definitely a two person job. 🙂 They are doing well and all nursing and seeming very healthy and happy. Jane is also doing very well, and ready to fetch as always.



3 thoughts on “One picture, more later I promise

  1. Rebecca Selby

    Oh geez, are they beautiful!! So sorry I’m not on the list this time. Really enjoy following your site!


  2. Kristi Grant

    I can’t tell you how much my excitement over these babies has built since I first contacted you. I know that I am #11 on the list and that I wanted a female so my chances of getting one are next to none. I am still putting it in God’s hands. I know the right puppy will come my way when the time is right. Thanks for posting the pics. I look forward to more torture!! I will more than likely ask to be put on the list for your next litter.





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