Our puppies are now over the super fragile first 3 days, which is great! Our runt (puppy 2, Shermy)  is still small, but he is nursing well, and also enjoying around the clock supplemental formula. He seems like a mighty little guy. We will continue to supplement him for the first few weeks as long as he wants it.

Jane is doing amazing as always. Between nursing and cleaning her puppies she likes to run around the yard, fetch, and chase our other dogs. She has endless energy. In a few weeks I can start taking her on runs with me again.

I decided to “name” all the puppies after the Peanuts characters. Once you have settled on a puppy I will change the name to whatever you want. 🙂

1. Female- Sally Brown (short tail)


2. Male- Shermy (aka Little Guy)


3. Male- Linus


4. Male- Schroeder


5. Male- Charlie Brown


6. Male- Snoopy


7. Male- Pig Pen (short tail)



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