Aunt Lucy

Here is Aunt Lucy enjoying the shade of the apple tree. In a couple of weeks she will be surrounded by rowdy siblings, and might not get the chance for peace and solitude under her apple tree quite as much. 🙂



4 thoughts on “Aunt Lucy

  1. autumn amick

    Hi Laurel!  So in order of preference…..Sherm, Linus and Shroeder.  I love the pictures and am so excited to find out who is mine!  Glad the you got the check….yay!  Hugs, Autumn  Image by href=”” >


    1. Laurel Post author

      It sounds like you like the darker tones. 🙂 My favorite two puppies based on looks are Shermy and Sally Brown. They are marked rather similarly. They both have really even merling all over. They are both quite similar to my Lucy, only with a little more silver on their faces. So fun! It will be really fun to see how their personalities develop, and see if our preferences change.
      At the moment Shermy has gotten the most attention because of his supplement feedings, so I feel like I know him best. His feedings are winding down now, because he is growing and a very healthy weight etc, so I can focus more on the other puppies. Very fun!



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