4 Weeks!

The puppies are 4 weeks old now! If you are a buyer, now is the time to pick your individual favorites. I will be contacting you once the person above you on the list picks the puppy. Lets really try to get them all picked by next Monday. Also, once you pick, feel free to re-name!

This week they have grown a ton, and changed just as much. The fluffy hair is starting to appear. They wrestle and bark and growl at each other all the time. They are become very social with us now, and love being outside in the shade, and being pet. They are awake as much as they are asleep now- which is great except for the occasional 3 in the morning barking fest. 😉 Their little sharp puppy teeth have come in, and they are loving their puppy chow/formula mix, which they now get twice a day, and soon will get 3 times a day. I am always amazed how much food those tiny pups can put away.

Here is a video:


And here are pictures. Somehow I didn’t get a picture of Pig Pen, but you will see him plenty in the video. He is the huge puppy with the 1/2 tail that is always up and wagging. He is also almost always with my daughter Sarah, who he adores and follows all around. I think Sarah may be pretty sad when Pig Pen goes to his new home.



Charlie Brown









Linus and Boy the cat













Sally Brown



Sally Brown with Jane’s ear



3 thoughts on “4 Weeks!

  1. autumn amick

    Hi there!  Have any people chosen their pups, yet?  And if so which ones?  I have actually changed who I love after watching this week’s videos but I am last on the list, right?  If you don’t mind, I would appreciate updates letting me know which pups are already chosen.  

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    1. Laurel Post author

      Hi! I will definitely let you know. At this point we are still waiting for the first person to choose. I will probably just update the blog as people choose so that they can know where each puppy will end up. Kind of fun. You are 5th on the list and 4th pick for boys. 🙂



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