Schroeder is going to be staying in Idaho, about 35 min from here in Pocatello. He is going to have a big Aussiedoodle pal to play with. And that is the last of the litter! Too fun.




4 thoughts on “Schroeder

  1. 1987gourmetgirls

    That is great that Schroeder can be in his own state of Idaho. I am glad that Schroeder was picked as he would have felt bad that all his brothers and sister were picked and he was not. So now Schroeder is one happy puppy. He is going to turn out to be a really great doggie. He will say to everyone see you should have picked me first! and see how good I am, I am the best!! ha ha hey I am talking doggie talk.


  2. Linda Donaldson

    Schroeder is the BEST!! We are so thrilled that we could meet him in person – what a sweet sweet boy!! His temperament is exactly what we need to go with our 18 month old female Aussiedoodle! We are so happy that the BEST was saved for last!!


  3. 1987gourmetgirls

    I am so happy for you Linda Donaldson that Schroeder was there for you. He is going to be one happy puppy when he gets to your home and also meets your other Aussiedoodle. Thanks for making him a happy puppy.



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