5 Weeks!

The Puppies are 5 weeks old already! They are all reserved, and waiting to go to their new homes. They continue to grow more precious each day…and more feisty too. 🙂 The little baby teeth are in full force, and they like to use them. They are eating more and more “solid” foods every day, and Jane is beginning the full weaning process. She still nurses them every 5 hours or so, but she doesn’t let them nurse whenever they want anymore. She is a great mom. Here is a video.


Next week, after they are 6 weeks old, they will get their first vet check, shots, de-wormer etc. Our vet and his staff love these puppies and Jane and are always really excited to see them. Small town vets are great!

I might be late on next week’s pictures/video. I am due this Friday, and I am assuming next Monday I will either be in the hospital having the baby (lets hope I don’t go too late), or at home on the couch recovering. We will have a lot of helping hands around here, so I might be able to get someone to at least get a video. So be patient with me. 🙂


Click on the first picture to scroll through, and to read captions.



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