6 Weeks!

Happy Fourth! The puppies are 6 weeks old now, and are eating solid kibble 3 times a day. They still nurse a couple of times a day, but that is decreasing every day.  They love their outside time, and especially playing with the girls and the cat. They have 2 tennis balls and a big rope toy that they chew and chew and chew on. This week they have a vet appointment to get their first vaccines, de-wormer, weights taken and a thorough check. I can guarantee that Shermy is the smallest and Pig Pen (Buttondew) is by far the largest. 🙂 We will have the vet record for each puppy for you when you come and pick them up. If you haven’t already let me know, now is a good time to start setting up pickup dates. They will be ready to go any time after the 11th. Unless we have made special arrangements, we would like them to be picked up by the 25th.

If you are driving or flying in from a distance (which most of you are) then we recommend any overnight stays happen in either Pocatello or Idaho Falls.

Sorry for no video this week.

Click the first picture to scroll through and see captions.


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