Lucy’s new command

Today I started teaching Lucy the command “Heidi”. The goal is that she goes to and lays by Heidi. We also started on Sarah, and will later add Annie. I did a few place commands as well so she would remain confident and also so that she will understand the difference between the place and Heidi command. They are similar because they are all sending commands, which is why I group them in training. Kinda fun. 🙂

Almost all of the puppies have gone home. “Shermy” will be with us til Saturday, and then we will be empty nesters.


2 thoughts on “Lucy’s new command

  1. autumn amick

    Update on Shaye (Linus):  he is now 10 weeks old and will get his next set of puppy shots this week.  He is weighing in at 10 pounds 8 Oz.  His hair is getting super fluffy, he appears to be one big cow lick lol.  He is so sweet, best puppy ever!  He knows his name, sit, come, look, and are working on stay and leash training, as well.  He does pretty well with taking a bath, if I actually stand in the tub while bathing him, he doesn’t fight having a bath.  Anyway, thanks so much for this precious guy.  He is such a love.

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