Due Date and Update

Firstly, Jane has been bred and is due around December 11th, not that she has ever whelped on her due date. So puppies mid-December, and they are the same cross as the last 3 litters, so they will all be blue merle with minimal white. Jane is a happy camper, and since our chickens have been laying far more than we can eat, she is enjoying her daily eggs, and her coat is super slick and shiny.

Now for the update: We are moving! All the way to Northern California where my husband will be embarking on a new career journey, and we will enjoy warmer winters. We will be in Red Bluff, which is a beautiful rural area at the tip of the Sacramento Valley. It is where I grew up, and it will be fun to go back. We will sure miss Idaho though. We have loved it here! This concerns you because while the puppies will be born in Idaho, they will be moving with us to California, and will be 8 weeks old and ready to go from Red Bluff, not Idaho.

I am taking names for our waiting list, so if you are interested please contact me. My number is (530)736-9026. Call or text. You can also email me at lo.savedbygrace@gmail.com.

Puppies are $1500 if you are on the waiting list, $1800 if you are not, so it is beneficial to be on the list. Prices are firm.

Attached are a few pictures of Lucy, our now one-year-old Aussiedoodle, and a full sibling to the coming litter, with Annie, my 3 year old. Annie has been learning her leash work, and Lucy has been wonderful for her!


The lay down and wait




leash work at a jog




giving treats, the best part!


look at that nice loose leash!


Good job girls!


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