The Males

After speaking with a few of the male puppy buyers about potential picks, I thought I would take a video of just the males to show off their personalities a little more. When I went to get them out Jane was in feeding them. I came back an hour later and woke them from their food coma. Unfortunately all I got was five groggy pups who would rather have been sleeping. Maybe I will have better luck tomorrow, but it was cute anyways.

Don’t mind the background noise. My two older daughters (4 and 2) were playing with their Grandma and having a rip roaring good time. Heidi (6 mo.) was hanging out with me and the puppies. (and don’t worry, I did wash her pacifier after it was on the floor and Willie tried it out…)


5 thoughts on “The Males

    1. Laurel Post author

      Thanks grandma. See you soon. We are tentatively planning on moving me and the girls and the dogs next week if we can get a break in the weather. We will stay at Grandmas house for a couple weeks while we get our house ready. Josh will go back and drive the moving truck with all our stuff. What a job! With wind chill factors being negative twenty and thirty today, I can’t wait to come and thaw out. So cold. Love you and see you soon.



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