4 Weeks, Part 2

Here is a quick description of personalities:

Willie and Waylon are the most outgoing. Willie is more of a playful stinker type of outgoing that will capture your heart. He has a long tail that wags incessantly. Waylon is a more calm, but very confident type, and always the first to greet you. If there was one “dominant” puppy in the litter, I think it would be him, however he is not in any way overbearing or bullish, and he is a lot of fun. He has a short tail, and is pretty big.

Charlie and Marty are both a little less outgoing than the first two, but not shy. They are both playful, but Marty is a little more rambunctious. Once they warm up a little, they are just as outgoing as Willie and Waylon, they just take a little more patience to get there. Marty is small and feisty, with a half tail that sticks straight up. He is hilarious. Charlie is big and gorgeous with a short tail, and beautiful even markings.

Johnny is the sweetest thing ever. He is a funny little guy who will play with his litter-mates unless there is a human around. Where there is a human, there is a lap, and where there is a lap there is a snuggling Johnny. If you want a fairly calm and reserved puppy who loves to snuggle and will look at you with adoration every minute you are in his view, then Johnny is for you. I think as he gets older he will become more energetic and playful. I would probably tag him as the most shy of all the puppies.

Any questions you have, PLEASE call me and I would be happy to help you find the perfect match for your household. I will be contacting you today and tomorrow to get your pick.

Here is the video of the males with Annie, my sweet helper (just turned 4).


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