4 Weeks, part one

Here is a video of the females. The video of the males is currently loading, so be patient. The internet here is fairly sluggish, and I am guessing it will take about 2 hours to load.

The puppies all have little razor sharp teeth now, and like to use them. They will begin to get some solids later this week, and Jane will probably begin the weaning process this week or next. She will space out her feedings more, and begin to discipline any unruly pups. She is a good mom.

It is negative 25 here this morning (not factoring wind chill…). I am very thankful for a warm house, and I wont be stepping outside! It likely wont get above zero degrees today. California, here we come!

I will contact you about who you would like to pick today and tomorrow. If you have any questions on personality etc, please let me know. I can chat with you on the phone about it.

Dolly is a good example of one of our more shy puppies. As you can see in the video, she is way more reserved than the other two, but by the end of the video she has also started wagging her tail and climbing on us etc. The shy puppies just take patience. By about 6 months the shy puppies and the outgoing puppies are really not much different if they are both well adjusted.

Reba is the most outgoing of the litter. She is always happy and tail wagging. She is very curious, and loves to explore.

Patsy is in between the two in temperament, and loves to play, but also loves to snuggle and observe.

Thanks to Annie (just turned 4) for helping me out. 🙂


3 thoughts on “4 Weeks, part one

  1. Lisa D.

    Your daughters are so cute! They are also so good at helping you out too. All the pups are adorable. Can’t wait to set my pup in stone.



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