We had one puppy become available last minute. Reba is a wonderful little female. Outgoing but not wild, and about as sweet as they come. She loves to cuddle, and quickly steals the hearts of all who meet her. She is mostly potty trained, and fully weaned. She has a super thick, fluffy coat, that will be very curly after about a year. We love her, and need to find her a home before I become too attached to let her go! My poor heart!


Does it get any cuter than this?



10 thoughts on “Available

  1. Kristi Grant

    Too bad we didn’t know this last week, I could have made room in my suitcase. She will make some family very happy just like Mia and Waylon have!!


  2. Taylor

    Oh my gosh Laurel my heart is breaking! If my semester wasn’t so jam packed I’d drive up in a second to snatch her up! Please let us know where she finds a home! And I can’t wait for summer honestly can it come faster…? 😂❤


      1. 1987gourmetgirls

        I was in the area of Reba/Willow, and thought I would stop and see the puppy. The puppy is super smart and her fur is so soft and curly. I am debating on getting her, but sometimes it takes me a long time to make up my mind, and probably someone will snatch this puppy up before I decide on to get her or to not get her. She is so cute and so smart, I got to hold her and she just was the best puppy ever. This puppy is so special. If I don’t buy her than whoever gets her will have the best puppy ever. I just wish it didn’t take me so long to make up my mind. I am going to be in the process of moving and so I have to weigh out all this and that. But If I don’t buy her then the next batch of pups if they are not already taken then I will get one from the next or the next? Thanks so much for letting me come by to see the puppy in person, or in dog person she is a special little puppy.


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