Get With the Times, Laurel

I finally broke down and created a Facebook page for Janiedoodles. If you have Facebook, please add us as a friend! I apologize in advance for my technological slowness that will inevitably pop up. I think this link should get you there. I will update the page as I have time. Add me as a friend and post pictures of your puppies on my wall! (And of course raving reviews) I hate to admit it, but it might even be fun.


One thought on “Get With the Times, Laurel

  1. Connie McKinley

    Hey Laurel! Connie McKinley here. It looks like you’re back in Red Bluff now and your life is great… Congrats on the kiddos! I’ve been looking for a pup and Reba looks adorable. I’d love to have her here in Los Molinos if she’s still available. Take good care of yourself and your family. Connie 530-526-4286



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