Quick update

For those of you who are anxiously waiting for news, we are getting close. Jane is probably going to pop in the next seven days or so. We finally finished getting our new floor down on the dog room and nursery. Painting will have to wait til after this litter so they don’t have to be born into a world of fumes. Jane is happy, fat, and doing awesome as ever. She mostly lays around in the house avoiding the excessive heat. That’s what I get for moving to red bluff california :). We can not wait to meet these puppies. I am always happy to get your texts and calls if you are wondering how things are going, so don’t ever feel like you are bugging me. I am not always super quick to respond to texts, but I will get back to you. Hopefully more news soon! Any guesses on litter size and date of birth? She is 59 days gestation right now, and she has a sizeable girth.


7 thoughts on “Quick update

  1. Susan

    Alli is sending love to her future sisters and brothers. Wishing easy delivery for Jane. Alli thinks 6 puppies on Saturday


  2. 1987gourmetgirls

    This Grandgreatma Dog thinks that Jane my grandpupdaughter pup will have 9 healthy happy little Aussiedoodles, and they will be born on July 13, or 15, I will say the morning of the July 13th. Jane said she so wants to get this over, it is to hot to be pregnant. Also her other Grandpuppiegrands are leaving back to Idaho on that day and she wants them to see her litter. Jane is always so proud of her pups, and a great mom. I wish you a happy, healthy delivery Jane. Love you Grandgreatma Dog


  3. 1987gourmetgirls

    It makes me want a puppy, but I know that a puppy is not for me right now. I love Lucy and Oscar, and Jane, they are such great doggies. I will come over and pet your puppies when Jane decides to deliver. Well I will wait until they get a little older, and not just born. The puppies are always so cute, and I love the feel of their fur, it is so soft and nice. Also they are so smart, I have never seen any puppies or dogs as smart as yours. They are truly smart, smart smart. Training is a snap for them, they are born trained almost.



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