October 6th

Quick update, Lucy went into labor early this morning and started whelping at 9:15. She acts like an old pro. I am so proud of her! She has had 5 so far, and we have a rainbow of colors. Look back for pictures one she is done, and everybody is cleaned up. I think she may still be in active labor, but boy, i would be happy with five. 🙂 only one girl in the whole lot so far.

She is following in momma’s footsteps. Jane’s first litter was on day 58 gestation, and today is day 58 for Lucy.


6 thoughts on “October 6th

  1. lovecashmere6

    Lucy must have been reading my mind! I was just talking to my daughter on the phone musing about when those pups would be showing their faces. Can’t wait to see them! Sounds like I don’t have to worry about their being a male to pick!!


  2. Dede

    Lucy has been on my mind, all day yesterday…well pretty much everyday…hoping my littlel girl is in there! ❤️🤞🏻



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