A Few Pictures

Just so you know that they really are here! We ended up with 3 male merles, 3 white puppies, two of which are females, and two black puppies, a male and a female. I love them all!

I will need some help to get good pictures of each individual puppies, and that help should arrive at 5:20 this evening, so I really will get better pictures. šŸ™‚ For now these will give you an idea. They are under a heat lamp so they may look a little more yellow than in real life.

Their multiple times daily weight readings look SO good. Amazing how quickly the ounces pile on. I will show you my weight chart and system in a later video just for fun. šŸ™‚

The female black puppy and one of the female white puppies are both SUPER curly. One of the male merles is also more curly than the rest, but not as curly as the two females. Fun to see some coat variation with the f1b cross.

Lucy is AWESOME. She is such a great mom. I am just amazed! And she didn’t even take birthing classes.



2 thoughts on “A Few Pictures

    1. Kristi Grant

      I would love to see pics of Luca as he grows. I fell in love with him, Iā€™m anxious to see his coloring as he grows:)



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