A week and 3 days old (already!!)

My my, time flies, doesn’t it? The puppies are great, Lucy is great, and they all are thriving. It is fun to watch. Typically you don’t see much difference in pictures until the eyes open, and then the change happens really quickly. But with this litter we are getting changes in color on the white puppies and how fun is that?! The male that has all the gray on his nose is remaining about the same, with a slight increase in pigmentation. The two females are getting dark and spotted noses and feet, and it is adorable. (the skin- not the fur) The female that isn’t super curly, and more doodly than poodly is getting a definite apricot hue which I hope comes across in the pictures. Especially on her head she has this gorgeous apricot color that is coming in. Oh man, will that ever be cute! I am really enjoying seeing how these three are developing color wise.

Pics 1 and 2: This is Pickles and he is RESERVED.

He is still the big dude of the litter, and keeps growing like a weed. He has an ever round and full tummy. šŸ™‚


Pics 3,4 and 5: This is Natalie and she isĀ RESERVED.Ā She is the fourth biggest puppy, and has decided that she can walk before her eyes open.


Pics 6,7, and 8. Ā Reserved .This female is probably the most changed in looks of all our puppies. She was born with a bright pink nose, and eyes etc, and now that skin is quickly becoming dark and spotted. Her hair has taken a distinct apricot hue. Love her!


Pics 9 and 10: This is our second biggest puppy, and he is only getting prettier. He has really nice markings, and that silver underneath is coming out!


Pics 11 and 12: RESERVEDĀ This is our little black male, and he is as cute as a button. You cant see his white chest patch or beard in this picture, which is a bummer. He is on the smaller side for a male, and I am guessing he will not get huge, so if you wanted a smaller male (45 lbs is my guess) I would steer you towards him. The other males are all pretty big and I think will be 50lb or above.


Pictures 13, 14, and 15: Pending. Meet female Curly Locks. She is just so cute and curly! If you are looking for something that really does not shed, and you like tight curls, I would go for this one. She is getting more and more pigment on the skin on her face and paws. Too fun!


Pics 16 and 17: This male never shows off his adorable belly in pictures, but if you pick him up and look under him he has a huge white patch that runs all the way up to his chin. He is so stinking cute with his half tail. One of these days he will show it off for the cam. šŸ˜‰


Pics 18 and 19: RESERVEDĀ Last but not least is our gorgeous big white male. He has the darkest pigmented skin of the white puppies, and is going to have such pretty black rimed eyes. I really think he is going to be beautiful! He will have a coat more typical of an F1, with maybe a slight bit more curl.



The rest of these are just pics of them all cuddling together.




5 thoughts on “A week and 3 days old (already!!)

  1. 1987gourmetgirls

    I want all of them!!!! They are so cute, I bet their fur is soft and will be really thick and fluffy. So stinking cute, so reserve them all for me. Oh no, don’t do that, it would be fun, but I guess no puppies for me now. Maybe one day. If I was going to get one, I really don’t know which one I would pic, I would leave it up to you to pick one for me. It is so hard they are all so cute.


  2. lovecashmere6

    Hi Pickles! Can’t wait to have you here in Santa Barbara! This whole litter is gorgeous!! It will be so fun to see who their eyes open. Thanks so much for the pictures!



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