Almost 3 weeks now and eyes open

Pictures! Later is better than never, right? Here they are. We have have 3 males and one female still available. They are all doing awesome.

Pics 1-4: This is our available merle male, “Smoky” with the short tail and the adorable belly that never gets shown off for pictures. I got a little of the white in one of the pictures, and I got his tail, so progress. 🙂


Pics 5-7: This is  our other available blue merle “Silver”, with a sizable girth and a long tail. He is really getting silver underneath. Pretty!


Pics 8-9: RESERVED: This is Pickles and he is one of two puppies (the other is the peach girl) who made taking pictures today easy. The rest were squirmy worms. 😉 Pickles is still the biggest, but boy is he ever cute!


Pics 10-12: Reserved This is Natalie Wood, and she is getting bigger and cuter all the time. I just love her little white beard.


Pics 13-15: Reserved Here is “Button” (temporary name), who would not stop moving for pictures today. He was out to explore new territory. He is so fun.


Pics 16-18: Here is “Olaf” , who is starting to get apricots points! How cute is that?


Pics 19-22: Reserved Here is “Peachy” (temporary name) who made my life easy by falling asleep sitting up while I took pictures. Isn’t she precious?


literally, from the time I woke her up to take pictures til this photo of her back sound asleep was all of like, 30 seconds HA! I feel like that most mornings these days.


Pics 23-25: Here is “Curly Locks” who was out to explore new territory at picture time today. She even got really brave and tried out the floor. She found that it is pretty slippery for tiny paws.



5 thoughts on “Almost 3 weeks now and eyes open

  1. mary wood

    I love her!….can’t wait to get her…I was wondering if we can pick her up around the 15 th Of December…I need to come up that way about that time…I would like for her to be with Lucy Passed 8 weeks, an extra bit of time if she can. As anxious as I am to get her I think this is best as long as you’re Ok with this timing. PS, I met Susan and Alli today! Alli was such a good girl she acts like a 3 year old…patient and calm She looks right at you and I think I saw her smile. Susan has been doing a great job, Alli responds to French commands. She’s bi lingual. Thanks for the pictures ! I tried not to bug you, it was hard.. Dede

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  2. lovecashmere6

    It’s my birthday today. Getting see Pickles with his eyes open was the perfect present. Thanks!! Joanne

    Sent from my iPhone



    1. 1987gourmetgirls

      Happy Birthday Joanne and you are one very lucky lady to get Pickles as your very own puppy. Pickles is so cute, I would have a hard time trying to pick a puppy as they are all so cute. That is a perfect present like you said, it just doesn’t get any better. Have a great Birthday and a great year!



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