These Cutiepies

Here are a whole lot of pictures from the daily romp around the dog room. Gosh they are cute! They are also at that age where they are beginning to try out their “protective” skills and like to bark at anything that moves, and it is such a kick to watch! I am starting to see personalities really bloom now. We have the very brave Olaf and Smokey, we have the mid range Pickles, Nat, Button, and Curly Locks, and then we have the more shy Faye (Peach girl) and Silver. But they all are super fun and friendly. (and the shy ones cuddle really well πŸ˜‰ ) I love the slight range in personality. It’s fun!

Click on the first photo to scroll through and see captains.


I will be leaving next Tuesday, and be gone through the following Tuesday (7th through 14th) so don’t expect a blog post between those dates, however I will try to post soon after I return. Josh (my husband) will be taking care of the dogs and puppies while I am away, as well as Annie and Sarah who will make sure they gets loves snuggles and play time. Heidi will be coming with me to visit my sister. It will be great! She and her husband live in Hawaii so I don’t get to see her often. This will be my first (maybe only) trip to Hawaii! Try not to feel too bad for me. πŸ™‚ And Heidi and I and all our pasty white skin will have to be sun-screened to the max! I’ve always said that when my freckles grow together I will have a tan. Until then I go from pasty to lobster and back again. Unfortunately, Heidi inherited that condition as well. Annie and Sarah have Josh’s awesome olive tone that tans.

Feel free to call or text if you need me. I will be in daily contact with Josh so he will keep me updated on how everything and everyone is.


3 thoughts on “These Cutiepies

  1. lovecashmere6

    The pups just keep getting more and more adorable! Have a wonderful trip! You deserve a rest and this is a glorious time of year in Hawaii. Thanks again for the pictures!!



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