Teaching the puppies actual good habits

Since it is wet muddy and not super puppy friendly outside, the puppies spend most of the day romping in the dog room. They still nurse a few times a day and have transitioned to hard puppy food.

I tape down puppy pads to the floor and then cover with shavings, the idea is to represent outside conditions. When I let them out of their box in the morning they go and use their toilet, and continue to use it thoughout the day. Then in the evening they go back to the box to sleep and I clean it up, disinfect the whole floor and we start over the next morning. This should make crate training and potty training happen quickly for you. šŸ™‚ They are so smart, and SO fun. šŸ™‚



1 thought on “Teaching the puppies actual good habits

  1. lovecashmere6

    Thanks for the potty lesson. They look like pros! Also a wonderful Thanksgiving present to get to see them today. Thanks so much for all the loving care you are starting their lives with. Happy Thanksgiving!!



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