The Two Available

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We have a lot to be thankful for. And someone would be really thankful for one of our two available puppies… 😉

We have “Curly Locks” and “Smokey. ”

Curly Locks is our so-cute-she-almost-looks-fake female puppy with white hair that is super curly. She is a sweetie pie. Actually she and Smokey have very similar temperaments, both sweet, not super outgoing, but not really shy either.


Smokey is our short tailed blue merle handsome boy. He has a flashy white chest patch and a white belly. He is also pretty curly, and wont be shedding once his adult hair comes in. He will likely lighten a little with age and turn to a more silver than gray color. (although he will retain some of those dark patches where he isn’t merled.)


Please call/text me for prices and to talk about which one might be right for you. (530) 736-9026. They will be ready to go early December. They will have their first vet appointment probably next week.


5 thoughts on “The Two Available

  1. 1987gourmetgirls

    I do believe that Curly Locks looks like a plush toy, and so does Smokey, but Curly looks more like a plush toy. Boy if someone doesn’t get these as an early Christmas present they are missing the boat, or missing the perfect gift, or missing the cutest every doggie. I would love to have them both but I can’t do that now. They are both so stinking cute!!!!

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  2. mary wood

    Happy thanksgiving to all of you and your family! We were having 23 for dinner today..😮 And thankful for this…!!!! And many other lovely things in our life..looking forward to next year with our little Natalie. I have a couple people I think might be interested in curly and Smokey. Sure would be fun to have 2 but probably won’t happen. We would like to pick up Natalie sometime around the 14th 15 th…would that work into your schedule? I have a huge project that ends just before, and I will have the right about of time to devote to the puppy. I’ve watched the training videos over and over….and with have to fight Steve for her daily for sure.this doggie will be well loved and lots of room to run and be a working dog with a velvet bed in our room. Dede

    Sent from my iPad Mary Wood 805 2450540 805 2450221


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    1. Laurel Post author

      She is going to be so spoiled!! 🙂 She is a total ham, and the kids call her “Frisky” haha. Sounds like a great Thanksgiving. We had a houseful all week as well, with 7 kids ages 6 and under. The 14th or 15th will work great. Good luck on your project!!
      CurlyLocks is the only one left available now, so feel free to give your friend my contact info. Curly is super sweet, and just loves cuddles. She looks like a plush toy at the moment with all her curls! Ha! She wont shed and has almost a full poodle coat. It will be ringlets when she is older.



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