Update (finally)

Hello! We are still around, our puppies are all in fantastic homes, since December. Lucy is healthy and happy, and Oscar is grown up now. Jane is retired and loves to lay around inside being slightly fat, and fetching as much as we will throw.

We have a litter planned for April, Lucy and Oscar will hopefully breed later this week (maybe Valentines day, romance and all) and then puppies approx 60 days after. So Lucy should whelp a couple of weeks before I have my baby, and our house will be very full of fluffy cute puppykins and little girls. So we can assume that puppies will be able to go to their new homes early June. Better and more specific dates will come when they are whelped.

Please let me know if you are interested in being on our wait list! The puppies will be very similar to our last litter who was Lucy/Cosmo (Oscars Sire). I am guessing we will have the same colors. Oscar is the light apricot/white color, but both of his parents, (Cosmo and Mom) were black/white. They will be f1b and little to no shedding depending on the coat. Very smart, active, and easy to train. Great family dogs. Text or email me if  you are interested, our list is already beginning to fill up. (530) 736-9026.

I need to take some better current pictures of Oscar and Lucy, but here is what I have from the last month or two, one out on a hike a few miles from our house, and then a couple of Heidi playing with them today in the yard. One of these days I will bathe and groom and pose some nice pics because they really are both just beautiful dogs! Click on one picture to scroll through and read captions.


2 thoughts on “Update (finally)

  1. Lynn Towne

    Hi Laurel! Both Lucy and Oscar look great. Our Sandy (formerly Olaf) looks a lot like Oscar. It’s fun to see the resemblances. Hope all is well with you and your clan!



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