New Whelping Box (yay!) and some pups.

Hello! Lucy has not had her puppies yet, but I am guessing she won’t go past Thursday. Guessing. I could be wrong. I took her out for a nice waddle with me yesterday and took a picture of her in all her pregnant glory. We were quite the pair. We had a nice time. Seems like I had my finger over the lens.


I have also received a couple of pictures and nice notes from some more people. This first one is Sandy, who we called “Olaf” in the last litter. He is doing well, and was already 36 pounds at his 6 month check up! Isn’t he cute?


And This is Harry from Jane’s litter who moved with us from Idaho. He is a handsome fellow! Love his coloring!


And last but not least, Josh made a new whelping box and it is AWESOME!!! Seriously, you can’t buy anything this nice. 🙂 So I made a video of it to show off his handy work. But first a few pictures of the process, and Annie and Sarah pretending to be puppies.





They do have shoes, by the way, they just don’t wear them much.

And here is the video. Forgive my lack of ability to find words. Pregnant brain!



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