We have a new record. We have ten puppies! I was pretty surprised. I went to gently encourage Lucy to get a drink and go potty outside when she stood up, had a single contraction and had her tenth and final puppy! Wow. Go Lucy. Soon after she was happy to drink and eat a lot of food. She deserved every bite. So we have five white, one is a female, 3 black, one is a female, and two blue merle, one is a female. 3 females and 7 males! And I was thinking a litter of 6 would be wonderful. We will call the ten the four-extra-blessings-litter.

Here is a sneak peak, Lucy was out for just a minute so I snapped this. I will take individual pictures and better pictures Wednesday or Thursday when we are over the critical fragile four days. They are all nursing great. They seem healthy, We only have one small guy, so I will be keeping an eye on his development, but he has gained weight so that is a very good sign. Our hope is that he is just small, and this week will tell us.



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