Day Four

We have reached the magical day four, where, if there were any developmental problems that were incompatible with life, they would have already shown up. And all ten are healthy and well and growing! What a blessing!  I am so pleased with the litter’s growth and their full round bellies. And Lucy is full of energy, being an awesome mom, and loves to fetch and run and play with us when she is not nursing her puppies or eating massive amounts of food and eggs from the obliging chickens. 🙂

I took some pictures of them all in a huddle, I will need an extra set of adult hands to do individual pictures, so that will have to wait for Josh. I also have ordered some soft cloth colored bands so that we can tell them apart. Usually by now I can just look and know who is who…but with so many males, five white puppies, and then the three black who are almost identically marked with a chest patch and little beard (just like the black ones in the last litter) I have to pick them up and examine who is who. Colored bands will help us all to figure out who is who in pictures. They should be here in a couple of days. So first, pictures, and then I will give descriptions of all the puppies. Once we have individual pictures up I will begin to contact those on the wait  list, and send you contracts.

The colors are pretty much the same as our last litter, so be thinking about what you like best, and look at some past pictures in the last few posts. They all end up being SO cute. Good luck deciding. 🙂


The whole litter


I think this is puppy 8 (male)


I think this is puppy 6 (male)


This lounging pup is puppy 9 (male)


I think this is puppy 2 (female)


Merle on the right is puppy 4 (male) and black puppy on left might be puppy 3 (female)


Puppy 9 cracks me up, he looks like he is smiling, and the leg straight back, ha!


the puppy in the middle is puppy 7 (male) and he is our smallest, but he is doing great, nursing, growing, and content, so I am thrilled 🙂


The little merle face peaking out is puppy 1 (female)

Here are descriptions of each, and I will assign colors/names etc to them once the bands come in the mail. 2 day shipping, yay Prime!


  1. Blue merle, full tail, darker on right front leg. Light spotted face. White chest patch.
  2. White- very chunky. Curly coat. 1/2 tail.
  3. Black, full tail. Curly coat. White chest patch/beard/chin. White tipped back paws. Chunky.


4. Blue merle. Bob tail. White chest patch. Darker left side of face. Even merle all over.

5. Black. Curly coat. full tail. White tipped back feet. Chest patch and beard.

6. Black. Slicker coat. White chest patch, beard, tipped toes.

7. White. Smallest puppy. Full tail. Less curly.  Slightly peach.

8. White. Big ole chunk. Full tail. Curly coat.

9. White. Smallish. Full tail. Wavy slick coat.

10. White. Half tail. Super curly. Chunky.


3 thoughts on “Day Four

  1. 1987gourmetgirls

    Laurel, you do great keeping them apart and knowing when each was born, you are such a good mom helper to Lucy. I am glad you ordered bands to keep them apart. They all look the same to me all the white ones and all the black ones and then the merle ones. I am so glad they are all healthy fat little puppies, they will make someone a fantastic pet. I love them all. Thanks for posting the pics of the pups. Post pic pups, that is almost like Peter Peter Pumking eater. haha


  2. Kristi Grant

    You’re killing me Laurel!! I am in love:) These pups will bless many families just as Mia and Trip have blessed ours.




    1. Laurel Post author

      Kristi, you really need a fourth dog!! 😉 Haha, just kidding. Your sanity is important to me. They are really beautiful though, we are loving the F1bs.



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