One week old and thriving

UPDATE: I am now one day overdue for my baby, so I could go into labor anytime in the next week. If I don’t respond quickly to your inquires about our puppies, that is why. I will get back to you within a few days! They will be two weeks old tomorrow and eyes are just opening. Updated pictures soon. God bless! – Laurel and the Schroeder Family

The puppies are all doing amazing, and Lucy is one again proving to be a super mom! She keeps the box pristine, and feeds them all around the clock. She also gets fed around the clock, which she is pretty happy about. 🙂 She doesn’t even seem tired. I am going to have to take notes from her.

I will mark which puppies are either sold or sale pending (which means give it two days and I will know for sure). If the puppy isn’t marked with either then it is still available. Good luck choosing! They are all amazing. I have them in the same order as last post descriptions, only now they have nifty colored collars so they are super easy to tell apart.

Puppy 1. Female (white) SOLD


Puppy 2. Female (pink)



Puppy 3. Female (purple)


Puppy 4. Male (yellow) SOLD 


Puppy 5. Male. (orange)


Puppy 6. Male (brown) not sure why I only have one pic of him…he and orange are very very similar 🙂


Puppy 7. Male (blue)



Puppy 8. Male (black) he is huge!


Puppy 9. Male (green)


Puppy 10. Female (red) This puppy and the pink collar puppy are almost absolutely identical down to the 1/4 tail length and amount of curl.


Lucy watched me very closely while I took pictures of her puppies.


The whole litter enjoying their heat lamp on this 80 degree day….




1 thought on “One week old and thriving

  1. 1987gourmetgirls

    So cute, I want them all!!!! Just kidding. If I did get a puppy I wouldn’t know which one to pick as they are all so cute. Lucy is such a great mom. I am sure they will all be great doggies.



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