3 weeks old

The puppies are doing great! We just transitioned from blankets/puppy pads in the box to shavings, so that’s what the flecks of brown are on the puppies. Their eyes are open, and they play and wrestle with each other, and growl and bark, and are generally just cute! They will start getting a little bowl of formula next week and then transition from that to puppy mush as Lucy will start the weaning process.

When we took their pictures they were all super sleepy, so first, the yawning slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Puppy 1. White collar. Female. SOLD


Puppy 2. Pink Collar. Female.


Puppy 3. Red Collar. Female. (note: this used to be puppy 10, when one day a couple of weeks ago I picked him up and realized he was a her…um, I thought by now I was pretty good at telling boys and girls apart. So now she and pink collar girl really are identical. So I am putting her with the other girls.)


Puppy 4. Purple Collar. Female.


Puppy 5. Yellow Collar. Male. SOLD (note: this was awake as we could get him, hahaha)


Puppy 6. Orange Collar. Male.


Puppy 7. Brown Collar. Male.


Puppy 8. Blue Collar. Male.


Puppy 9. Black Collar. Male. (note: this puppy is absolutely huge)


Puppy 10. Green collar. Male.






And on Tuesday we had Esther! She and I are both healthy and doing great. She was 9lb 6oz, and 21.5in long. I feel like I give birth to toddlers.




4 thoughts on “3 weeks old

  1. Lisa D.

    Esther! Wow! She is beautiful, but all of your babies ate. So happy for you and your family. The pups are beautiful also!



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