Almost 3 weeks now and eyes open

Pictures! Later is better than never, right? Here they are. We have have 3 males and one female still available. They are all doing awesome.

Pics 1-4: This is our available merle male, “Smoky” with the short tail and the adorable belly that never gets shown off for pictures. I got a little of the white in one of the pictures, and I got his tail, so progress. 🙂


Pics 5-7: This is  our other available blue merle “Silver”, with a sizable girth and a long tail. He is really getting silver underneath. Pretty!


Pics 8-9: RESERVED: This is Pickles and he is one of two puppies (the other is the peach girl) who made taking pictures today easy. The rest were squirmy worms. 😉 Pickles is still the biggest, but boy is he ever cute!


Pics 10-12: Reserved This is Natalie Wood, and she is getting bigger and cuter all the time. I just love her little white beard.


Pics 13-15: Reserved Here is “Button” (temporary name), who would not stop moving for pictures today. He was out to explore new territory. He is so fun.


Pics 16-18: Here is “Olaf” , who is starting to get apricots points! How cute is that?


Pics 19-22: Reserved Here is “Peachy” (temporary name) who made my life easy by falling asleep sitting up while I took pictures. Isn’t she precious?


literally, from the time I woke her up to take pictures til this photo of her back sound asleep was all of like, 30 seconds HA! I feel like that most mornings these days.


Pics 23-25: Here is “Curly Locks” who was out to explore new territory at picture time today. She even got really brave and tried out the floor. She found that it is pretty slippery for tiny paws.



A week and 3 days old (already!!)

My my, time flies, doesn’t it? The puppies are great, Lucy is great, and they all are thriving. It is fun to watch. Typically you don’t see much difference in pictures until the eyes open, and then the change happens really quickly. But with this litter we are getting changes in color on the white puppies and how fun is that?! The male that has all the gray on his nose is remaining about the same, with a slight increase in pigmentation. The two females are getting dark and spotted noses and feet, and it is adorable. (the skin- not the fur) The female that isn’t super curly, and more doodly than poodly is getting a definite apricot hue which I hope comes across in the pictures. Especially on her head she has this gorgeous apricot color that is coming in. Oh man, will that ever be cute! I am really enjoying seeing how these three are developing color wise.

Pics 1 and 2: This is Pickles and he is RESERVED.

He is still the big dude of the litter, and keeps growing like a weed. He has an ever round and full tummy. 🙂


Pics 3,4 and 5: This is Natalie and she is RESERVED. She is the fourth biggest puppy, and has decided that she can walk before her eyes open.


Pics 6,7, and 8.  Reserved .This female is probably the most changed in looks of all our puppies. She was born with a bright pink nose, and eyes etc, and now that skin is quickly becoming dark and spotted. Her hair has taken a distinct apricot hue. Love her!


Pics 9 and 10: This is our second biggest puppy, and he is only getting prettier. He has really nice markings, and that silver underneath is coming out!


Pics 11 and 12: RESERVED This is our little black male, and he is as cute as a button. You cant see his white chest patch or beard in this picture, which is a bummer. He is on the smaller side for a male, and I am guessing he will not get huge, so if you wanted a smaller male (45 lbs is my guess) I would steer you towards him. The other males are all pretty big and I think will be 50lb or above.


Pictures 13, 14, and 15: Pending. Meet female Curly Locks. She is just so cute and curly! If you are looking for something that really does not shed, and you like tight curls, I would go for this one. She is getting more and more pigment on the skin on her face and paws. Too fun!


Pics 16 and 17: This male never shows off his adorable belly in pictures, but if you pick him up and look under him he has a huge white patch that runs all the way up to his chin. He is so stinking cute with his half tail. One of these days he will show it off for the cam. 😉


Pics 18 and 19: RESERVED Last but not least is our gorgeous big white male. He has the darkest pigmented skin of the white puppies, and is going to have such pretty black rimed eyes. I really think he is going to be beautiful! He will have a coat more typical of an F1, with maybe a slight bit more curl.



The rest of these are just pics of them all cuddling together.




First, before pictures, let me just say that if any of you are in those fire areas of our great state California right now, I am praying for you and for your homes, and farms, and businesses, and that if anything gets lost that it can be replaced. Lives can’t be replaced and my heart just sinks to hear of the ones that have already been lost. We have family in Santa Rosa who’s house burnt to the ground early yesterday morning, what a long road they have ahead of them.

Now onto the good and the happy. The puppies are THRIVING and so is Lucy. She is eating about three times her normal amount, and draining her water dish. 🙂 The puppies are gaining about an ounce a day at the moment, and one of them broke a full pound this morning!

Pic 1: Female. She is going to have a typical doodle coat, that may be a little curlier than the f1s. Its hard to see but she has grey/black spots on her nose and lips, and it seems like it is going darker all the time. Here my genetics knowledge fails me: I know her dad has a ticking gene, so that may play a part.


Pic 2: This extra curly girl is going to be AWESOME for someone who wants a no shed, less allergy dog. She is cute as a button. She also has some grey/black spotted skin on her nose and her snout, and a little in the ears. Once again, I am confused on the coloring and if the skin will go darker or stay pink all over. I think the color of the hair will stay white regardless….I think… I will be doing my research. All I know is that she is going to be an adorable white cloud of fluff and curls. 🙂


Pic 3: The three little white puppies: curly girl on top, male to the left, female to the right.


Pic 4: You can see more of the grey/black on the curly female in this picture. To the right is the male and he has grey/black ears, nose and eye rims. Can you say “gonna be gorgeous??” He will also have a more typical doodle coat with maybe a slight bit more curl than the F1s.


Pic 5: Annie and Sarah helping me out in the puppy admiration department.


Pic 6: The two black puppies. The male has a long tail and a bigger white chest patch. The female has a shorter tail and a little white star on her chest. They both have white beards. How can we ever separate these two? I think the female is the top puppy in this picture.


Pic 7: The female black puppy. She is quite curly, and will not shed much if at all.


Pic 8: Now you can see the male’s white patch on his chest. He’s so stinking cute.


Pic 9: This puppy is a male with more silver underneath. He is big and very beautifully merled. He is going to be pretty curly.


Pic 10: This is our biggest puppy so far, weighing in at an even pound this morning. He is colored similarly to Lucy and he is the curliest of the merles. He is going to be a looker for sure.


Pic 11: This guy is also beautifully and evenly colored, with a good bit of silver underneath. He has a white chest patch and a short tail. He likes to sleep upside down, and except for when he is eating he seems really chill. He holds his own in the weight gain department. 🙂


Pic 12: Another picture of the one pounder. He is just gorgeous.


Pic 13: Sarah, my little helper with the black male.


Pic 14: Annie, my big helper with the white male (I think) puppy. (and a little peanut butter on the face)






And Heidi was strapped into her high chair while we took pictures, because as much as she wants to, she can’t quite help yet. 🙂 But she does like to squeal with delight when she gets to touch a puppy.



Hopefully I will have the pictures downloaded and up later tonight or in the morning. Here is a video. Watching it I realise it is time to paint the box haha. Rest assured, it gets very well bleached out and cleaned…its just starting to look it’s age.

A Few Pictures

Just so you know that they really are here! We ended up with 3 male merles, 3 white puppies, two of which are females, and two black puppies, a male and a female. I love them all!

I will need some help to get good pictures of each individual puppies, and that help should arrive at 5:20 this evening, so I really will get better pictures. 🙂 For now these will give you an idea. They are under a heat lamp so they may look a little more yellow than in real life.

Their multiple times daily weight readings look SO good. Amazing how quickly the ounces pile on. I will show you my weight chart and system in a later video just for fun. 🙂

The female black puppy and one of the female white puppies are both SUPER curly. One of the male merles is also more curly than the rest, but not as curly as the two females. Fun to see some coat variation with the f1b cross.

Lucy is AWESOME. She is such a great mom. I am just amazed! And she didn’t even take birthing classes.


October 6th

Quick update, Lucy went into labor early this morning and started whelping at 9:15. She acts like an old pro. I am so proud of her! She has had 5 so far, and we have a rainbow of colors. Look back for pictures one she is done, and everybody is cleaned up. I think she may still be in active labor, but boy, i would be happy with five. 🙂 only one girl in the whole lot so far.

She is following in momma’s footsteps. Jane’s first litter was on day 58 gestation, and today is day 58 for Lucy.

This Squirmy Worm of a Puppy

It is really hard to take pictures of a puppy who is chasing your feet. Especially because I had the long lens. He is so funny! He is learning to sit for pets, and while it goes against his nature, he is doing remarkably well, and as you can tell by my big fat white foot in a couple of the pictures, he takes his sitting at my feet role pretty serious. I can’t believe he is going home in a week. It’s going to be so weird around here without him.

I absolutely ADORE his eyebrows. So expressive!