Pictures from my actual real live camera

I finally uploaded some pictures from the DSLR onto the computer. Here are a few cute ones from the last couple of weeks. The girls like to trace him with chalk. He is amazingly patient!



Luca videos

Sorry it has been so long. Its been a crazy few weeks around here. Luca is still on a bottle but is now starting some puppy gruel. Doesn’t that sound appetizing? He is also getting really playful, and Oscar and Lucy are teaching him social skills. Jane disciplines him if he gets too fiesty, and overall he is just doing great.


Days 5, 6 and 7.

No video on day five. The night of day 4 we had the day four tragedy. It seems that whenever we have a puppy that has an inward congenital defect that we cant see they die on day four, and usually at night. It has happened to us twice before, and it is a common occurrence in litters of puppies of all kinds, and it stinks. It is so heartbreaking and there is nothing that can be done to prevent it.:'(

Unfortunately our little guy with the stripe died night four. It was so sad, and I didn’t feel like taking any videos on that day because it just made me feel worse. He was so beautiful. And in a litter of two, to lose one just seems all the worse. But I know that there is purpose in everything, and seeing death, even in a 4 day old puppy, is a good reminder that life is a vapor and should be cherished and never wasted. It is also a good reminder that not everything is in our control, and that is ok. We cannot create life, but we can cherish and guard it and be thankful for it. Life is a beautiful thing, whether it is 4 days or 100 years.

So now we just have our big copper boy, Luca. He is growing well, strong, and even trying to walk on all fours instead of the belly crawl. Its a little premature to be walking on all fours before the eyes open, but he will occasionally get two or three steps before tumbling. Since his brother died, Jane’s milk supply has dwindled, so Jane and I are tag teaming this puppy. She does all the cleaning, licking, nurturing, and nursing him when he cries. Then I bottle feed him every few hours, and we have a bottle date at 3am. It works great, and he is hungry for his bottle, even after nursing, so I know we are doing the right thing. Jane and I have done a lot together through the years, so we might as well raise a puppy together. 🙂

Here are videos from yesterday, which I didn’t get time post. And one from today, which ends abruptly, since my battery died. Charging now. 🙂