Oscar and Lucy

Finally have a decent picture of Oscar 🙂 On a picnic table of course… And Lucy is looking as charming as ever.


Update and Due date

Well, if Lucy isn’t pregnant she must have eaten WAY too much in the last month. Fortunately, fat doesn’t typically grow in the shape of a lower abdominal watermelon, so I think we are safe to say that the litter will come. Due date (day 60) will be April 14th. Neither me nor my dogs have ever had our puppies or babies on due date, but at least it gives us a general time-frame. She went at day 58 last time. I will start very close monitoring at day 55. There is still room on our wait list, and I plan to advertise soon, so hopefully that will fill up in the next two weeks and we will have homes waiting as soon as they are born. My number is (530) 736-9026, so please text or call if you are interested!

Now on to updates, some of which don’t really matter to most of you, so feel free to not read the rest. 😉

Lucy will have a brand new whelping box thanks to the handiness of my super husband, who can make anything. It will be bigger, better, completely lined instead of just the bottom for easier cleaning, and it will look new. The old one has done it’s job well, looks terrible, and has turned into my chick starter box. It successfully raised 7 pullets this spring who now reside in the coop. Pictures later…it’s not quite finished. But here is Lucy the other day, pre-groom. She is less fluffy now.


I have gotten some adorable pictures and sweet texts/emails from Lucy’s last litter’s new owners. Sounds like they are awesome dogs, and pretty similar to Jane’s puppies, only more curl. That is great! Here are a few of those. You can tell which have been groomed and clipped. 🙂 I will use the names that they had before leaving here so you can compare puppy pics.


Curly Locks from the last litter


Smokey from the last litter


Natalie from the last litter


Pickles from last litter

Lucy’s due date beats mine by 12 days, and I am glad, because that way I can do the first week delicate-puppy-needing-around-the-clock-care before I have a first week delicate-baby-needing-around-the-clock-care. (Unless of course the baby is like Heidi, who busted out into the world with strength, stamina, and too much size at 9lb 6 oz HA!) Fortunately even if I pop early, which I have never done, I have three eager little helpers, and one fantastic big helper, and without them we absolutely would not be doing this this time. Here are the three little helpers.


The studious two, Annie 5, and Sarah 3


And this enthusiastic one, Heidi 1.75

And I guess that about sums up the updates. Any questions, please let me know. Thanks everyone!


Update (finally)

Hello! We are still around, our puppies are all in fantastic homes, since December. Lucy is healthy and happy, and Oscar is grown up now. Jane is retired and loves to lay around inside being slightly fat, and fetching as much as we will throw.

We have a litter planned for April, Lucy and Oscar will hopefully breed later this week (maybe Valentines day, romance and all) and then puppies approx 60 days after. So Lucy should whelp a couple of weeks before I have my baby, and our house will be very full of fluffy cute puppykins and little girls. So we can assume that puppies will be able to go to their new homes early June. Better and more specific dates will come when they are whelped.

Please let me know if you are interested in being on our wait list! The puppies will be very similar to our last litter who was Lucy/Cosmo (Oscars Sire). I am guessing we will have the same colors. Oscar is the light apricot/white color, but both of his parents, (Cosmo and Mom) were black/white. They will be f1b and little to no shedding depending on the coat. Very smart, active, and easy to train. Great family dogs. Text or email me if  you are interested, our list is already beginning to fill up. (530) 736-9026.

I need to take some better current pictures of Oscar and Lucy, but here is what I have from the last month or two, one out on a hike a few miles from our house, and then a couple of Heidi playing with them today in the yard. One of these days I will bathe and groom and pose some nice pics because they really are both just beautiful dogs! Click on one picture to scroll through and read captions.

The Two Available

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We have a lot to be thankful for. And someone would be really thankful for one of our two available puppies… 😉

We have “Curly Locks” and “Smokey. ”

Curly Locks is our so-cute-she-almost-looks-fake female puppy with white hair that is super curly. She is a sweetie pie. Actually she and Smokey have very similar temperaments, both sweet, not super outgoing, but not really shy either.


Smokey is our short tailed blue merle handsome boy. He has a flashy white chest patch and a white belly. He is also pretty curly, and wont be shedding once his adult hair comes in. He will likely lighten a little with age and turn to a more silver than gray color. (although he will retain some of those dark patches where he isn’t merled.)


Please call/text me for prices and to talk about which one might be right for you. (530) 736-9026. They will be ready to go early December. They will have their first vet appointment probably next week.

Teaching the puppies actual good habits

Since it is wet muddy and not super puppy friendly outside, the puppies spend most of the day romping in the dog room. They still nurse a few times a day and have transitioned to hard puppy food.

I tape down puppy pads to the floor and then cover with shavings, the idea is to represent outside conditions. When I let them out of their box in the morning they go and use their toilet, and continue to use it thoughout the day. Then in the evening they go back to the box to sleep and I clean it up, disinfect the whole floor and we start over the next morning. This should make crate training and potty training happen quickly for you. 🙂 They are so smart, and SO fun. 🙂