The final count

These are going to be the most spoiled two puppies ever. Can you believe it? Two puppies! Both big strong and healthy males. I have already contacted the first two people on our list to confirm, so if anyone is waiting to see of we have available puppies, then I am sure sorry that we don’t have more.

A litter of two is going to be tons of fun on our end. I bet I will be pretty attached by the time these two go home.

Will post pictures when Jane feels more settled and comfortable with me taking them out of the box for a minute. She is an amazing mom!


Jane’s temperature has dropped so I am guessing the next 24 hours. Knowing Jane, she will likely hold off 48 hours simply because I posted this. She is currently chillin in the house. Oscar and Lucy are trying out the new floor in the whelping room.0714171527