6 Weeks

Tomorrow the puppies will be six weeks old! They are doing great. We will get them all their vet check and first vaccines etc this coming week.

We made the move to California and the puppies did remarkably well. Fifteen and a half hours, and they were happy the whole way. It didn’t seem to phase them at all. (We, on the other hand, were exhausted.)

Since we are now in above freezing weather, and sometimes even see the sun, the puppies have been able to play outside, and they LOVE it. They run and wrestle and chase me all over the yard, tails wagging furiously. This is such a cute puppy age. Cute and cuddly, and not yet to the awkward teenage stage. 😉

They are beginning to potty train, outside when the weather is good, and on puppy pads when the weather is bad. They are doing amazing, and should be a breeze to “finish” when you take them home. Might be a nice thing to pick up a pack of puppy pads for the first week, but they should adjust to going to the door really soon, so don’t buy a ton.

No video this week, but here are some pictures.

5 Weeks

I cannot believe how quickly these last 5 weeks have gone!

Unfortunately, I don’t have time to do pictures and videos today. We are doing the final packing before our move to California tomorrow. I will update you with pictures once we are there and settled. Unfortunately they will have to be cell phone pictures since I wont have access to my computer to upload pics from the DSLR. So poor quality pictures of high quality puppies is what you will be getting. I will take some videos on my phone too. Because something is better than nothing!

We leave at 4:30 AM, and I am hoping we make it in 16 hours. Feel free to call or text if you need to get a hold of me. Email will be less reliable for a few days. Thanks!!


4 Weeks, Part 2

Here is a quick description of personalities:

Willie and Waylon are the most outgoing. Willie is more of a playful stinker type of outgoing that will capture your heart. He has a long tail that wags incessantly. Waylon is a more calm, but very confident type, and always the first to greet you. If there was one “dominant” puppy in the litter, I think it would be him, however he is not in any way overbearing or bullish, and he is a lot of fun. He has a short tail, and is pretty big.

Charlie and Marty are both a little less outgoing than the first two, but not shy. They are both playful, but Marty is a little more rambunctious. Once they warm up a little, they are just as outgoing as Willie and Waylon, they just take a little more patience to get there. Marty is small and feisty, with a half tail that sticks straight up. He is hilarious. Charlie is big and gorgeous with a short tail, and beautiful even markings.

Johnny is the sweetest thing ever. He is a funny little guy who will play with his litter-mates unless there is a human around. Where there is a human, there is a lap, and where there is a lap there is a snuggling Johnny. If you want a fairly calm and reserved puppy who loves to snuggle and will look at you with adoration every minute you are in his view, then Johnny is for you. I think as he gets older he will become more energetic and playful. I would probably tag him as the most shy of all the puppies.

Any questions you have, PLEASE call me and I would be happy to help you find the perfect match for your household. I will be contacting you today and tomorrow to get your pick.

Here is the video of the males with Annie, my sweet helper (just turned 4).

4 Weeks, part one

Here is a video of the females. The video of the males is currently loading, so be patient. The internet here is fairly sluggish, and I am guessing it will take about 2 hours to load.

The puppies all have little razor sharp teeth now, and like to use them. They will begin to get some solids later this week, and Jane will probably begin the weaning process this week or next. She will space out her feedings more, and begin to discipline any unruly pups. She is a good mom.

It is negative 25 here this morning (not factoring wind chill…). I am very thankful for a warm house, and I wont be stepping outside! It likely wont get above zero degrees today. California, here we come!

I will contact you about who you would like to pick today and tomorrow. If you have any questions on personality etc, please let me know. I can chat with you on the phone about it.

Dolly is a good example of one of our more shy puppies. As you can see in the video, she is way more reserved than the other two, but by the end of the video she has also started wagging her tail and climbing on us etc. The shy puppies just take patience. By about 6 months the shy puppies and the outgoing puppies are really not much different if they are both well adjusted.

Reba is the most outgoing of the litter. She is always happy and tail wagging. She is very curious, and loves to explore.

Patsy is in between the two in temperament, and loves to play, but also loves to snuggle and observe.

Thanks to Annie (just turned 4) for helping me out. 🙂

The Males

After speaking with a few of the male puppy buyers about potential picks, I thought I would take a video of just the males to show off their personalities a little more. When I went to get them out Jane was in feeding them. I came back an hour later and woke them from their food coma. Unfortunately all I got was five groggy pups who would rather have been sleeping. Maybe I will have better luck tomorrow, but it was cute anyways.

Don’t mind the background noise. My two older daughters (4 and 2) were playing with their Grandma and having a rip roaring good time. Heidi (6 mo.) was hanging out with me and the puppies. (and don’t worry, I did wash her pacifier after it was on the floor and Willie tried it out…)