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Getting along

Lately it has come to my attention that there is some bad feeling between the purebred poodle folk and the doodle folk. I can’t say I am surprised, but I decided to do a little research and see what people were saying is so terrible about the other. What I found was a little discouraging, because it seems like doodle owners far too often are misinformed and a touch disparaging of half of their dog’s breed. Here is some common misinformation you might read on the net, or hear from other doodle owners/breeders, and my comments on it.

  1. You breed another dog with the poodle so that it will have the smarts of the other dog, and the hypoallergenic coat of the poodle.

The problem here is two-fold. First, the poodle is the second smartest breed in the WORLD, and so if we are talking about making anything smarter, it is the secondary breed that will benefit from the poodle, not the other way around. (unless the secondary breed is a border collie) Secondly, when you combine the coat genetics, you will most likely get a puppy that sheds less than a typical shedding dog, but most all F1 doodles do indeed shed some, sometimes more than you would have expected.

2. Breeding the poodle with the other breed will take the best traits of both breeds and combine them to make a wonder dog.

By way of example, lets just say that there are two people who marry and decide to have a family. The husband is tall dark and handsome, but incredibly unintelligent. The wife is short, dumpy, and pale, but has an incredible wit. Does this necessarily mean that all of their children will be tall, dark, and handsome, and smart as well? Or could it be possible that they may be short, dumpy and pale, and fairly dumb as well.  Which leads me to the next thing commonly stated:

3. I love (whatever breed) but I don’t like those froo froo Poodles, so I am going to get a doodle!

If you don’t like poodles, don’t even think about getting a doodle. If you LOVE your doodle, chances are you actually love poodles too- you are just uninformed as to what the poodle is actually like. If you don’t like either breed in your breed combination dog, please don’t get that dog. What you will get is a combination of those two dogs- and every combination will be slightly different. That is why so many doodles behave so differently. Sure they have some in common, but that is much to do with the two breeds they were bred from. And when you purchase a doodle, look for consistency in your one breeders line. Doodles vary wildly from breeder to breeder. Until they are made a breed and not a combination of breeds, they will continue to be like a box of chocolates…

4. I am so upset, the groomer made my doodle look like a poodle!!

No, God made your doodle look like a poodle. Because it is poodle. Lets embrace the poodle in our doodles. Lets not chew out our groomers for grooming a dog “breed” with no grooming standard in a way that we don’t appreciate. Find a good groomer to work with, be kind to that groomer, and together figure out the way you like the dog done, or groom the dog yourself. And along those lines:

5. The coat is so low maintenance!

No joke- I had a lady call me that wanted one of my aussiedoodles. She was going to get a golden retriever, but the coat was too high maintenance for her, so she wanted a doodle instead. Needless to say, I refused sale. Doodle coats are very high maintenance- just because they are typically low shedding, does not mean that they are low maintenance. If you want a long fluffy doodle coat, you need to brush and brush, and clip and clip. If you want the dog run all over with a number 10 blade then you will have your low maintenance coat. Just take the time to do a full body clip every two weeks.

6. But my doodle IS low maintenance. I never brush him, and he never mats!

Really? Can you run a comb through his leg hair? I doubt it. Somehow this idea that the doodle coat doesn’t mat or need grooming has been widely spread. I brush my doodle every day, and clip her twice a month. Believe me, if there are fleas around they are going to LOVE that “low maintenance, long doodle coat.” I also clean out/shave down her paws with the shaver (like a poodle, GASP) in the summer so that if she gets a foxtail in her toes (which she does) I can find it before it abscesses.

7. Poodle people are so snooty!

Lets be sure that before we go throwing stones at the poodle breeders, that we become responsible doodle people ourselves. Let’s not spread fantastic lies about our dogs. Lets train our dogs to be calm, kind, and good companions and playmates. Lets keep our dogs to some standard of grooming. And lets embrace the poodle side of our dog, and be sure to give credit where credit is due. Instead of touting the excellence of our cross-breed against their purebred, lets tout the excellence of BOTH breeds that created our doodles, and remember that hundreds and hundreds of years went into creating the dogs that create our doodles. So lets be kind, and not snooty ourselves, yeah?